"Construction and manufacturing of special machines and test equipments for the engineering industry. "

Lagertäppan was founded 1998 by Ulf Köhler & Anna-Lena Lindberg Köhler. Both of them have long experience within the industry. From 2023, Maja Köhler is a part of the company as Project Manager.  

Ulf has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, and has been Lagertäppan's Constructor since the start. Ulf´s experience in both machining and production makes his design solutions advanced yet easy to use. Ulf works with 3D CAD Solid Works. 

Anna-Lena is Lagertäppan's CEO and is highly experienced within project management. She is involved in all projects from idea to delivery, and has over the years also carried out commissioning and training for delivered machines. 

Since the start Lagertäppan´s main focus has been construction and manufacturing of special machines within the engineering industry. 

Lagertäppan has over the years delivered a number of automated measuring machines and production machines to various ABB companies in Sweden and Globally. 

Lagertäppan has developed prototypes and fixtures, as well as designed and manufactured test equipment for various circuit breakers. Lagertäppan also developed several different products for gas-insulated substations, GIS. 

Over the years, Lagertäppan has been present with the customer from idea to finished machine/products. Through close cooperation with the customer they are able to tailor to the specific needs. 


Lagertäppans values

    • The customer in focus 

    • The machine and/or product must meet the customer´s wishes - This through close collaboration with both customer and suppliers

    • High Quality - High Flexibility - Fast Deliveries 

Working at Lagertäppan AB

About us 

Ulf Köhler 

Owner/ Constructor 

                Ulf@lagertappan.se                +46 70-592 34 38

Anna-Lena Lindberg Köhler 

Owner/ CEO

            Anna-Lena@lagertappan.se             +46 70-247 64 51 

Maja Köhler 

Project Manager 

          Maja.Kohler@lagertappan.se         +46 70-602 91 31 


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